Losing the Lilies, Gaining More Easter

A Handmaid News

This year there seemed to be a lily shortage for Easter Sunday. Gone, or in more sparing attendance, were the fragrant white blossoms so linked in our memories to the smell of the best Easter Vigil incense.

Yet there were two distinct benefits of this floral hiccup. One, the sanctuary was filled with colors as calla lilies, hydrangeas, and hyacinth competed in beauty to replace the regal trumpets. Second, the two lilies we did have, maybe under less stress to open by Holy Saturday, are blossoming and filling the Mass Chapel with their perfume for Divine Mercy Sunday and many days after. That this most sacred, solemn, and joyful season of Resurrection-celebration lasts fifty days allows any late blooms on lilies plenty of time to take up their role in the festivities.

A third takeaway?

Don’t bemoan what’s missing in your plans. Look forward in joyful, grateful hope to what God has planned to come.