Just kidding! An adjusted photo of 'new' cloister warning signs.

Lightning Strike

A Handmaid News

In late June, we were interrupted after supper by a loud crack as a bolt of lightning struck the tulip poplar nearest Saint John’s residence.

Fortunately, all the Handmaids were safely together in Saint Anthony’s and no one was outside walking the grounds when it occurred.

The force of the blast blew off a long strip of bark and wood along one side of the trees sending debris a surprising distance and even damaging a nearby truck.

Amazingly, the power didn’t even flicker despite a transformer on a pole in very close proximity to the tulip poplar.

Blessed indeed and protected by God’s providence, we thank him for his care for us and only joke tongue in cheek that trespassors of the enclosure should be forewarned about lightning strikes so close to our “Please Do Not Enter” sign.