July – The Month of the Precious Blood

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There’s a Story Behind This Chalice

Chalice small

In this month of July, we invite everyone to spend some time contemplating The Precious Blood and we begin with a reminder that one way our Founder, Father Gerald, referred to priests was to call them “living chalices of the Precious Blood”. As other Christs, they too pour out their blood, everything they have, in order to save others. And he founded the Handmaids of the Precious Blood to utterly pour themselves out in prayer, reparation, and sacrifice for the sanctification of those “living chalices”.

Our hidden life as cloistered nuns purposefully limits our ability to see the fruits of our vocation, but sometimes we are graced with a glimpse. Read about this one “living chalice” we remember in particular, pray for him and many others like him in this month of the Precious Blood.