Blue Marian Monstrance

Host of the Day: Thank you Mary for saying Yes!

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A favorite monstrance we have not only shows us Jesus as the Heavenly Bread made food for the journey but also, in the stem itself, the Woman whose “Fiat!” made that possible. Thank you Mary, Our Mother, for saying, “Yes!” so that Jesus could be the one to bring us back to the Father.

In these trying and frightening times of doubt and uncertainty due to COVID-19, imitate Mary in her confident assent to God’s will. She knew no details but trusted in the Father entirely. She was not spared suffering. But she was guaranteed a life of union with the Son of God. Imagine never being without God. Sometimes we may feel we are without him, but he surrounds us nonetheless and has more concern for our wellbeing, our eternal wellbeing, than we do ourselves.

Trust God. Trust like Mary did. Say Yes!