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A Handmaid News

We share a photo of the Mater Dei Oratory from our first Summer in New Market. This was the first altar and tabernacle we set up. We had adoration the very day we arrived. As we cannot live without the Eucharist, having Our Lord in the Host in Oratories and Chapels is as needed as electricity.

This Holy Week, so many lack even the chance to adore the Blessed Sacrament. In today’s Gospel Jesus defends the generous woman who anoints him reminding his disciples, “…you will not always have me.” Yes, people will not always have the privileges of having the Blessed Sacrament present or the ability to so easily pray before him. During the pandemic, that luxury is being put into sharp focus so we can again see clearly that he is all gift, all love. Waiting for so many souls.

If you can do so, go and adore. If you cannot, embrace him in spirit and know we are here kneeling in your place. And thank him for all he is doing to awaken a new awareness and respect for the Real Presence.