Gunther the Therapy Cat Gets A Little Therapy

A Handmaid News

When Gunther’s favorite veterinarian (and ours) nixed his outdoor activities for the sake of his health, he became an indoors-only ‘therapy cat’. We explained to him what this meant several times assuring him that nunly spoilage would occur but that he had to tolerate monastic silence, lots of petting, and regular feedings. [He is the only cat, possibly ever, that has to be encouraged to eat anything.] He is polite, largely quiet, and almost gentlemanly in his behavior when he’s not doing high wire acts on the upstairs railings or book cases. When he’s not sleeping, he’s dreaming of sleeping, especially in the sun. He tolerates a great deal of handling, but cannot be picked up like a regular cat. We recently stumbled upon something he likes that he probably hadn’t known before: paw massages. We share a few photos of our therapy cat basking in the sun in bliss getting some paw therapy from us. We are wondering if we can bottle this kind of thing and sell it as a kind of cat tranquilizer. That would provide for fund raising for our building project, huh?

Paw massage for Gunther means RELAXED cat.