Gunther Strikes Again!

A Handmaid News

Just when we were thinking Gunther was set in his indoor ‘therapy cat’ occupation of sleeping, playing, and eating he abandoned his favorite chair sometime in the morning, likely while we were at Mass perhaps, and brought a small rodent to its demise. Later, politely waiting until Rev. Mother had had collation (monastery language for something like a coffee break) so as not to ruin her appetite, he led her directly to his prize. Being a humble cat (yes, it is possible), he had to be coaxed into posing with his ‘trophy’, discreetly tucked away in the shadows. Great job Gunther!

Gertrude Tracking Squirrel Scents

Gertrude Out And About

We are hoping Gertrude may soon prove as good a hunter. She’s been learning the scent of ‘the enemy’ and hopefully the squirrels have noticed someone is following them.