Gunther, our Russian Blue Social-ist

A Handmaid News

Our cat, truth be told, is a socialist. Actually, by that we mean that he is a social animal. He loves company. And hanging around his Sisters. He has lived up to many of the breed’s traits we have read about, almost to the letter. Russian Blues can exhibit almost dog like behavior (don’t tell Gunther) even following humans from room to room. When he does this, we call him “Elmer the Glue”. He has yet to truly play fetch and though he does give tennis balls an excellent chase and pounce, he just doesn’t bring them back.

His social skills extend even to our monastic recreation when Sisters play board games, work puzzles, or play cards. This photo has him deeply engaged in observing Yahtzee. He declined having his own worksheet, lacking opposable thumbs and the ability to do math but he was seriously interested in the dice, perhaps wondering if they were a special kind of cat treat. Cat owners will likely notice he is sitting on his toy ‘snake’ possessively. He may not be playing with it, but he’s making sure no one else will either. He’s a true cat.