Gunther finds his tree

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Gunther, alias Shadow, is a largely calm and polite Russian Blue. While the breed is very intelligent, they tend to be reluctant to change or try new things. Their desire to keep to an unchanging routine with little deviation should suit them well for monastic living but, as Gunther is learning, life comes with change and change comes with life.

Gunther snoozes on his tree

But when can I catch them, these squirrels?

For example God’s providence arranged for a cat tree so we could offer some private space for him to escape to should being surrounded by nuns wear on him at any point. As with many cats, his gratitude to such a kingly gift has been initially to scrupulously avoid using the tree. This went on for some months. But with the coming of spring and summer, and a vast array of birds, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, and lizards to watch out the window, Gunther finally climbed the tree. If his swishing tail is any indication when he is in ‘prey’ mode, he loves it.