Frost Flowers in East Tennessee

A Handmaid News

Frost Flowers? Frost itself may seem an odd term to think about in the South but it does get cold sometimes. Earlier this year, when we reached single digit temperatures we realized it was indeed winter. But as we share this post, the forecast for next week (though just past mid February) is calling for a high of 77 deg F. As this seems to be the end of winter or close to it, we thought we would share some photos we captured of frost flowers this year. You can find beautiful images online for sure and scientific descriptions of the sometimes rare process that creates these ephemeral gems. Until we moved to New Market, we hadn’t seen them (and didn’t expect to) in Tennessee. But once or twice a winter we see a veritable army of samples dotting the fields, pastures, road sides, and every shady ditch for a morning or so.

Nuns, curious as we are, explored what the “globs of white stuff” were in the distance. We were delighted to find this styrofoam-light work of art in an extremely delicate ice formation that beggared the imagination for its beauty. How amazing God is! From simple weeds and undergrowth that seems extra dead in the winter cold, he pulls forth exquisite designs of curves, curls, and translucence. And they are present only for a brief time. Only for those who look for the hidden elegant designs waiting to be discovered at our frozen feet.

We hope you might stumble across these wonders someday for yourself.