Sunrise in fog Mary Mother of Priests Garden

Foggy Sunrise at the Garden

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

While we often share views from around the property, sunrise at the Mary, Mother of Priests Garden is always a prayerful treat. Even obscuring fog only adds to the beauty as the sun struggles to rise above the mist even as it’s rays begin to lift and burn off these earthbound clouds. When the fog is this dense, the garden becomes an island solitude surrounded by a grey sea. But the sun is still at work even when unseen. Soon all will be sun shine and dewy grass. Note this photo shows more than one thing: the first Station of the Cross where Pilate condemns Jesus and, in the background, the empty cross.

We don’t see the Agony in the Garden, when Our Lord struggled to the point of sweating blood. That solitude few witnessed. When the Cross on Calvary was bare, Christ was in the tomb. That’s Station XIV, not seen in this photo, but just off to the left. Maybe it was like a heavy fog for the Apostles that first Holy Week. Maybe they focused on the fog of fear and anxiety when all seemed undone. Mary would have assured them in some way that her Son was still at work, doing his Father’s will. And he would rise.

Pray for priests. That they will seek their Mother whenever fear and anxiety threaten their ministry.