Feline Lightning Detector

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Gunther in Prolonged Lightning Detection Mode

Among the more unusual facts about our monastery is our unique lightning detection systems. We have two actually. Now although we live on a high hill, we do not have professionally installed lightning rods or electronic detection systems. Rather we have an electric water pump in our chapel’s sacristy that has a penchant for going off whenever a strike is within a mile or so. Our other detection system is much more sensitive but less forthcoming with accurate data on distances. Gunther, our cat, can detect incoming storms well in advance of any thunder humans can hear and when he moves to his ‘safe zone’ under the library office table, we should consider shutting down any computers. He’s rather silent on specifying strike distances but if he’s caught unawares with the arrival of a fast moving storm and runs to cover under beds, under sinks, or in drawers (if his favorite library cabinet is unavailable) then we know its very close.

Who know we had a lightning detector cat?