During COVID-19: We are praying for you…and in your place!

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[Originally published March 15, 2020] [Updated February 2021]

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact America, know that we are keeping everyone, everyone in the world, in prayer, particularly those sick and those striving to care for them. Most especially we pray for those most vulnerable who may have no one to care for them. Though much has reopened in society the threat of the virus and the long term consequences of the earlier quarantines and lock downs continue to tempt many to think no ‘normal’ shall ever return.

We remain, as all contemplatives do, at the heart of the Church, pressed close to the breast of Jesus, close to his Sacred Heart in the Most Blessed Sacrament on our altars, begging his mercy and intercession. We lay before his throne the sick, the dying, the dead, the grieving, the fearful; and hear his constant reassurance, “Be not afraid. I am with you.”

In the world, wherever public Masses may be canceled or access to the Blessed Sacrament is withdrawn for a time, we kneel on your behalf. We stay close to him when you can’t. We ask him to bless you instead of us.

To all our dear and precious priests who continue to selflessly and quietly minister to souls through their private Masses as well as their active work bringing the Sacraments to the sick, suffering, hospitalized, imprisoned, or homebound regardless of the risks that entails: We thank you. We need you. We pray for your strength and protection. God reward you eternally.

If you cannot participate in Mass or even go to Church to pray, know that we are praying for you and praying in your place from our chapel and oratories before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

And don’t worry about that word ‘normal’. As we reminded people at Christmas, “Christ has already conquered everything and Jesus is our ‘normal’.”

Please send us any prayer requests and intentions!

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Pay Special Tribute To A Priest:

If you feel moved to especially pay tribute to a priest working out there in this dangerous vineyard of a pandemic, you might consider deciding to sponsor his name in our Mary Mother of Priests Tribute Garden.