Defeat: The Squirrels Win!

A Handmaid News

Alas! We must cry “Defeat!”

Julius Ceasar is quoted as saying, “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” meaning, “I came. I saw. I conquered.” We have come to the conclusion that the vast array of squirrels surrounding our house, particularly Mater Dei House, can each say something similar. Perhaps it would be “I came. I gnawed. I conquered.” The presence of the cat did not deter them as they learned her (our) schedule and simply availed themselves of the stairs and siding whenever she was locked indoors. As we repair the rotting wood on the north side of the house, these steps, while not rotten, have been eaten down in some places through the landings and are being replaced with something more squirrel-proof.

We share a little cartoon humor below during earlier battles with the varmints, knowing God is in charge and Providence will provide. Please pray for the workmen replacing the framework and stairs in this section and elsewhere. They are doing outstanding work.