Scott Maentz at Acolyte Installation Mass

Coming Soon…a Permanent Deacon!

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Scott and his wife, Christine

Christine and Scott Maentz

Actually, coming real soon! As in tomorrow! We’re republishing this post about our Communications Director, Scott Maentz, on the eve of his ordination to the Permanent Diaconate, June 11th, 2016. He and 22 other candidates will be ordained by Bishop Stika. The Diocese is truly blessed and so are we.

Our Founder, Father Gerald Fitzgerald, s.P., emphasized over and over into all his spiritual sons and daughters what he called, “The Primacy of the Spiritual”. Putting God first in all things. Not surprisingly, as contemplative nuns, we live this out by ordering our lives such that prayer is preserved as our paramount focus, especially in the Mass and Eucharistic adoration. Anyone following our recent move to East Tennessee and our entry into the digital world of the internet and social media will have noticed the lengths at which we go to protect the primacy of the spiritual even when using technology. With this aim in mind, we have explained the blessing it is to have a committed layman serve as our communications director, knowing that he is as intent to maintain our ‘digital enclosure’ as we are.

Scott's Call to Orders letter

Scott’s Call to Orders letter

What we haven’t explained is the double blessing we are enjoying in this relationship as we accompany Scott Maentz prayerfully along in his now over four-year journey to the permanent diaconate. We have been privileged to hear how Scott and his wife Christine have turned over their talents, time, treasure, and energies to the service of the Church in ways as varied as they are loving. It has been a joy to witness how both Scott and Christine put the primacy of the spiritual into action in their busy lives in ways we in the cloister cannot. Whether it be feeding the hungry, bringing laughter and joy to others, defending life, or explaining the faith, they have been living out their commitment in a way we happily support by our prayers.

We are indeed blessed in the Diocese of Knoxville to have so many permanent diaconate candidates like Scott. Join us as we pray for these generous men as they embark on their ministry to the Church this summer.
Bishop Stika and Deacon Tim Elliott with the candidates on their canonical retreat recently.

Bishop Stika and Deacon Tim Elliott with the candidates on their canonical retreat recently.