Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene

Christmas at Cor Jesu 2017

A Handmaid News

Many may note that we usually don’t post news during Advent and Lent, not even during the Christmas and Easter Octaves. This is primarily because we place prayer ahead of sharing. We may post them after and back date them so the news blog timeline makes sense. This year we had a blessed Advent and Christmas and have stretched the Christmas celebration all the way until February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation when all our decorations will come down. Typically we keep the tree and creches up until then while packing up other items. As we were honored to have our yearly meal with Bishop Stika and Cardinal Rigali after the Octave, we happily left all the festive lights and garlands in place for their visit. There really isn’t a way to celebrate the Incarnation too much! Merry Christmas!