Tennessee Knights of Columbus Men of the Hour

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Old tales are full of stories of people being rescued by knights in shining armor, but this year, Tennessee Knights of Columbus are learning to do this rescuing on their knees. We often associate Knights of Columbus with what they do, what actions they take, what services they tangibly provide. But the Men of the Hour are adding something deeper to …

Running of the Rose 2019

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We are grateful once again to the Knights of Columbus for enabling us to participate in the Silver Rose pilgrimage. Knights Dennis Knauss and Bud Noe delivered the Rose from Notre Dame parish in Greenville for an overnight stay at our Monastery. The entire community had a special holy hour Sunday evening and look forward to the hours of prayer …


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How would you like to join 12,000 Knights of Columbus this Lent praying a special novena for priests? People sometimes ask Handmaids, “What do you do?” when they really mean, “What do you make?” Some monks and nuns make all manner of items to support themselves from caskets, to candies, to fruitcake, to soap, to wine and beer. Perhaps it …

Honoring Our Lady, Help of Persecuted Christians

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On January 1st, 2019, the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, we were blessed and privileged to celebrate the beginning of this new year in a unique way honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. Thanks to the generosity of the Knights of Columbus, we were able to receive and house the icon of Our Lady, Help of Persecuted Christians …

Say “Cheese!” and Support The Shield!

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Say Cheese! Or Mac N’ Cheese. Or 50 pounds of Mac N’ Cheese and a corresponding mountain of coleslaw. What does this have to do with supporting police officers and the Knights of Columbus? How do cloistered nuns ‘help out’ at a fund raiser in the city? From our cloister of course! With Knights of Columbus delivering the needed supplies …

Sketch of Mary, Mother of Priests Garden

Groundbreaking Mary Mother of Priests Garden

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Our Handmaid charism has called us to give our lives in Eucharistic adoration, prayer and sacrifice for the sanctification of priests since our founding in 1947.   Under the guidance of the Servant of God John A. Hardon, S.J. we began prayer associations in the 1970s to offer the opportunity to others throughout the world to spiritually hold a particular priest by name …

Overnight visit of the Silver Rose traveling to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico

Running of the Rose 2018

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Once again we are privileged to host the Silver Rose on its pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. The Rose will be staying overnight this week at Cor Jesu Monastery as some parishes in the Diocese of Knoxville also gather in prayer around the Rose as it makes it journey from Canada, through the United States, and finally …

State of Tennessee Fraternal Mission Program 2018-2019