Catching Up On Easter – Holy Saturday

A Handmaid News, Triduum


The Triduum culminates in the joyous celebration in the Easter Vigil! This year finally we happily pulled out the Easter Fire kettle and made preparations (modified by COVID) to enjoy the Liturgy of Light with blessing of the fire, the Paschal candle,  the singing of the Exultet (long form, too!), the Liturgy of the Word (with all the readings!), the Blessing of the Easter Holy Water, and the Liturgy of the Eucharist with all the celebrations we could muster. In fact, it was only the second time since our move to Tennessee that we pulled out the Easter Fire kettle and kindled a healthy blaze and that was only possible with the generosity of our Chaplain, Father Andres Cano, who ensured we could have a Triduum on site. Just as we are grateful beyond measure for the Resurrection of Christ from the dead, because that is how he saved us, so too we are thankful for our priests who bring us Jesus. During the poignant absence of our Eucharistic King that falls during the Triduum, our longing for the Lord is heightened and our appreciation and need for our priests is deepened that much further each year. Christ is Risen! He is Truly Risen!!!!