Catching Up On Christmas: Creative Crèches and Keeping Jesus Warm

A Handmaid News

Handmaids love Christmas. It’s approaching February and we still have our Mass Chapel Nativity Scene in place. On the Feast of the Presentation, the day when candles are blessed, the Christmas lights surrounding the Infant King will again be lit as we celebrate the gift of the Consecrated Life with the One for whom we are consecrated, the Light of the World.

If anyone was counting the number of Crèches about the monastery during the Christmas season, it would be easy to lose count. Large or small, they are to be found everywhere but they all seem to have one common feature: the Babe is wrapped or covered up. This might be a nun-thing but, rather more the common sense of women who know Mary would not have left the Christ child exposed to the elements. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes, after all. So we share in this web post several photos of the Crèches for your enjoyment. Some are tiny and simple, but all are the physical reminders of our love for our Savior and his absolutely unimaginable Love for us.