CAPTION CONTEST or How the Squirrel Ate A Monastery

A Handmaid News

The photo above of one of our many squirrels is begging for a caption contest. As we alerted our friends and benefactors when we shared the photo of this animal’s handiwork, we anticipated an upcoming caption contest should we capture any miscreants on camera. Through the assistance of a generous Knight of Columbus, we found ourselves quickly in possession of a hunting camera and set it up immediately. Lo and Behold! The very next morning we caught the perpetrator in the act, on camera, with still shots, video, and audio. A SQUIRREL!!!!!!

In reviewing the data collected, we realized we had several images all ripe for captions. These overgrown rodents with fluffy tails are indeed cute but that soft “cuddly-ness” rapidly loses its appeal when you study the sharp teeth and claws. While we appreciate their keen attendance to their dental hygiene in keeping their ever growing teeth in check by chewing wood, our attempts to explain the plethora of other wood sources (namely trees) in East Tennessee has fallen on tiny, adorable, yet absolutely deaf ears. We suspect the squirrel may have lost his hearing from all the loud gnawing. At least to us, when we hear it from inside, it can sound like a reciprocating Sawzall in high gear.


So, we share with you some of our captions and invite you to send your own. And we thank the many kind folks who have already sent us ideas for possible solutions to our critter conundrum. We will keep you posted!

Click to watch a video clip of the destruction in progress.