Book of the Day: Word On Fire Bible

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What? No photo?!


Text and a link will have to suffice rather than a photo. This June there is an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and corresponding gift with which to consider marking Corpus Christi. The very week we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the Word on Fire Institute makes available for purchase a bible worthy of the Word. The Word on Fire Bible, Vol I contains the four Gospels and, by all accounts, is a masterpiece of bibliophile workmanship that seeks to present the RSV Gospels as a tool for evangelization as it incorporates more than just the text of the Gospels.

It is a maxim that the best version of scripture is the one you actually read, study, and pray with. May this “cathedral in print” become a version well used to draw many souls closer to Christ.

Available for purchase June 15, 2020.