Bambi Hides At Cor Jesu

A Handmaid News

As we have some families of deer that regularly stay on our property (the deer say it’s the other way around; that we are on their property), fawns can be expected to show up. No matter how often we see fawns we can be relied upon to, well, fawn over them as they are Bambi-cute on their spindly legs and in their white dotted coats. Recently a doe decided to hide her fawn just off our porch as we were doing supper dishes. Aspirant Renae spotted it first. As Mom was feeding close to our Holy Family statues, she must have told the fawn to bed down in the rocks nearby figuring Jesus, Mary, and Joseph would watch over the little one. Oh yes, and all the nuns pressed to the windows to catch a peek at Bambi would watch over it too.

The next day, Bambi (or the twin of Bambi) was moved to another hiding spot on the other side of the building on our mud room ramp. It ambled off just as Rev. Mother was attempting to take a stealthy photo. That evening four does appeared at dusk to feed and play and we wondered if it wasn’t several mom does celebrating that they had gotten all their little ones off to bed safely and could have some respite.

Gunther is still trying to figure out if the fawn is a cat or dog or something else but he does alert us when animals are around. Whether its watching him observe this newcomer or her Mom or watching the little fawn ourselves, God’s beautiful wonders are something to be grateful for.