Animal of the Day: Mom Box Turtle

A Handmaid News

Since we live in the woods with the Holston River on three sides of us, we are used to many different animals meeting us on our walks. At least once a year, turtles make their appearance and are commonly found on our walking trails and driveway. One year, during record setting rains, a river turtle climbed all the way up from the riverside to enjoy our driveway…causing sisters to repeatedly stop the car and move the turtle out of traffic. Another time, when we had a dog, she delighted in “rescuing” box turtles from the brush and presenting them proudly to her handler unscathed. (We don’t know what the turtle thought about that.)

This year, the box turtles are again out seeking to lay their eggs and the requirement for location seems to be “heavily traveled” as, invariably, the little turtle spends the better part of a day, slowly and methodically digging holes and laying eggs right in the tire tracks of the driveway and in the middle of the footpaths. And, just as surely, sisters are seen moving the turtle out of harms way and finding ways to discretely mark the sites (and the calendars) so we can keep our eyes out for baby turtles before the predators find them. Perhaps this year we may find a few and snap photos to share with you. Drive carefully!