Handwriting the names of donors (or gifts if anonymous) into our prayer request book to be placed in Chapel.

Amazin’ Grace and Amazon Gifts

A Handmaid News

Amazon-Gifts-8-1024x768Since beginning to use the Amazon Wish List program, we have received many Amazon Gifts and we’ve been overwhelmed by the eager generosity of many anonymous souls wanting to assist us in our move. Some provide only their names and some their contact information in their gift notes that arrive with the packages. To all, we can only attempt to express our deep appreciation and thanks. As with the prayer requests we receive, we write the names of the donors (or the anonymously given gifts) into our prayer requests book that is kept by the prie dieu before Our Lord exposed in the Monstrance. We humbly kneel and thank him for the blessings he showers on us through the hands of others.

We have placed some more expensive items on our wish list at times and not without nunly trepidation. As we mentioned when requesting a camera recently, our vow of poverty has us very cautious in expenditures of any sort. High value items are researched thoroughly and considered and prayed about before spending what ultimately are funds from benefactors. Experience has demonstrated that automatically buying the cheapest for the sake of saving dollars usually is self-defeating. The poorer the quality, the more often it must be replaced costing more money in the long run.

We apply the same logic to the wish list. If we wish for an expensive item, we seek the best that can be purchased for the most affordable price desiring an item that will serve its purpose and last a long time. For example, a display monitor was added after consultation with our communications director who searched out a good deal. [N.B. Our Rule of Life precludes things like actually watching TV etc. The device is used for community re-creation where periodically we view community photos or for religious education, conferences, and retreats given by Fr. Barron, Fr. Gallagher, Fr. Calloway, Dr. Sri, Dr. Grey etc.] It’s precursor was purchased by the community in the 1990s and survived in use until the monastery in New Mexico was sold in 2014. We hope to see such a long life in its successor. 

As always, with any gift to us, we borrow Saint Paul’s admonition that those who seek to be generous in assisting not impoverish themselves in the process. If God has blessed you with the means to help, we are grateful, but even if he hasn’t, we ask for your prayers which are more valuable to us than anything else.

If it seems odd to post photos of your gifts, perhaps our explanation is that a picture is worth a thousand words and our words would be, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Our Wish List to God for you is that you find true joy in following his will always.

Jesus, Only You.

Jesus, I Trust In You!