A Shout Out What?

A Handmaid News

Uhm…what does that mean again?

It’s a phrase we welcome as we experience our lack of finesse, our deliberate lack of finesse, in what some glossaries list as the blogosphere, social media or what not. The phrase runs through our minds as the experts who help us attempt to translate the modern world not only into monastic terms but also act as transformers stepping down the hyper speed of the internet and the information age into a more monastic pace. It is not, again deliberately, a two way learning curve. We do not speed up to match the world nor change our vocabulary to speak all its language. What can and should be turned and attuned to God’s purposes we do, the rest we step back from and pray and wait…sometimes to the great angst and aggravation of others. Global communication can tend to feed an inordinate desire for instant satisfaction or at least answers and its the human condition to want to know things and the why of things. We can express deep appreciation for the patience demonstrated in those guiding us along even as we remain at our monastic speeds.

For example, recently it was extremely kind of our dedicated Bishop Stika to send a message encouraging other people to visit our website and the two media platforms that Scott Maentz manages for us. Scott then duly explained that simple action caused a 10,000% increase in people expressing their affection (likes) from the week before. While the math on percentages provided for some wrinkled foreheads on the part of Sisters with hard math and science backgrounds, we could fathom that more people had visited the digital venues in which we share our mission in the Church. That could lead to more people praying for priests. And that’s simply wonderful in our book.

Thank you Bishop Stika and thank you Scott!

As a reminder, we ourselves do not use social media. Computers, internet, email etc is used only for administrative purposes. You can read more in our post “Nuns On Social Media?”