A morning view from the Mater Dei House at Cor Jesu Monastery overlooking the Mary Mother of Priests Garden and the Holston river valley.

A Garden Has To Have Plants

A Handmaid News, Priests Garden

Owing to the severe drought and abnormally high temperatures this summer and fall, where we entered October with regular highs in the high 90s and heat indices in the 100s, the schedule planting of shrubs and other bushes was wisely put off. The delay, while leaving the Mary Mother of Priests Garden looking a little bare for the blessing and installation of the first set of priest names, meant that cooler weather would be better for both plants and Knights when they finally came. Recalling our years in New Mexico when xeroscaping was a necessity and the need to plan for “sharing” our vegetation with the local animals (deer, elk, bear, rat, beaver etc) we decided on four types of drought, heat, and deer resistant varieties of low maintenance bushes and evergreens that would benefit the garden without ruining the view. We pray the animals, including the turkeys who love to patrol the mulch in search of insects, will read the instruction labels and follow the directions of what not to eat.