A Catholic Look At Liberty

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Fortnight For Freedom 21 June – 4 July

A Catholic Look at Liberty

Commending our nation to the Sacred Heart

Commending our nation to the Sacred Heart

“…However, it is your duty as a Catholic…so to order your life that all reasonable men must come at last to know that in your heart, love of God, Church, and Country, love of Christ and fellow men, are all one harmonious whole, that you love your Country only the more because you recognize it as the Home God gave you, in which to practice the Faith God gave you – the Faith which tells us of the ultimate triumph of Christ, and of His Church, against which the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

Let us pray our Blessed Mother that this fair Land, dedicated to her, may never be torn from the foundation upon which it was built – Liberty, God given, God preserved.”  – Fr Page 1940