24 Hours For The Lord

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How is your Lent going? Ready to go deeper in preparation for the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord? It is always a great, and powerful practice to take part in the First Fridays and First Saturdays of each month but this March offers another level of fruitfulness. Pope Francis has encouraged a worldwide initiative called 24 Hours For The Lord in which 24 hours of Adoration and Confession are available and emphasized in many parishes across the globe. How do Handmaids participate in our cloister? By continuing what we always do, adoring Our Lord in the Eucharist hour by hour. And, yes, by going to confession too!Adoration

Why not join us spiritually as we unite our prayers in this year’s 24 Hours For the Lord?

Why not join Pope Francis and millions of other souls partaking around the world?

Why not join Jesus, Our Lord, where he desires you most, before him in adoration and mercifully in his arms receiving his absolution through his priest?Prepare for Holy Week with a good confession...

Find a parish near you participating and go!

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